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1 May 2000
Henri Rosenberg turned 50!!!
See two Poems by his cousin Dr. Henri JAKUBOWICZ (en Français).

Prof. Dr. Henri ROSENBERG: advocate, Rabbinical Barrister,  Professor of Jewish Law at the Faculty of Comparative Religions (Antwerp), Professor of Jewish Studies at the Faculty of Religious Sciences Radboud University of Nijmegen  and former Researcher at the Inter-University Centre for State Law ( Brussels).

Born  Antwerp, l May 1950, Son of Salomon ROSENBERG, Diamond Merchant, and Gerda TOBIAS. Married on 23 May 1974 to Anita KASZIRER (° 1954). sworn translator.

Children: Natascha Bella (° 1975), Amanda Ethel (° 1976), David (° 1979), Salomon
(° l981), Gerson Gregory  (° 1985 ) and Dimitri Aryeh (° 1989 ). Grandchildren: six.


Forbear: Rabbi Chaim TOBIAS. Dean of the  Keter Tora Talmudical Academy of Radomsk in Chrzanow (Poland).

Education :

Primary School, Jesode Hatora (1956-1962);
Secondary Education; Humanities Latin Mathematics, Koninklijk Atheneum Antwerp (1962- 1967) together with Yeshiva Torah VaDaat, headed first by Rabbi Elbaum and afterwards by the late Rabbi Elevitsky.

Higher Education:

With Students of Leiden Columbia University Program of American Law (1986).

With Class of Banking and Finance Law at City of London Polytechnic. (1987).




Researcher at the Inter-University Centre for State Law, Brussels   ( 1986-1987).

Rabbinical Barrister  (1985)

Apprenticeship with star-attorney  Mr Paul SPEYER (1985-1988).

Advocate Member of the Bar Association of  Antwerpen (1988).

Professor of Rabbinic Law at the Faculty of Comparative Religions of Antwerp  (2000).

Professor of Jewish Studies at the Faculty of Religious Sciences Radboud University of Nijmegen  (2004) 

© Gazet Van Antwerpen, 6 July 2000.

Private Library:

Owns a collection of more than 6.000  rare Jewish legal works (Responsa), which is said to be the largest of its kind in Europe.

(Photo AP)
Rare reading: Henri Rosenberg, a lawyer and professor of Jewish law, amid the Jewish legal works which he has assembled over the past two decades in his home in Antwerp, Belgium - a collection which is said to be the largest of its kind in Europe.

Jewish Chronicle, 6 April 2001.

A man and his books: Henri Rosenberg loves books. Maybe that's to be expected from a man who is both a rabbi, attorney and professor of Jewish law. He is shown here reading a religious text in his private library in Antwerp, Belgium. He also maintains a Web site about the old Jewish community of Antwerp.
Two things, says Rosenberg, have maintained the spiri of Antwerp Jews: religious orthodoxy and diamonds. He might have also added a third: a love of books.

Jerusalem Post, 27 April 2001.

Public Offices:

With Prime Minister Theo Lefevre of Belgium (1971).

Head of  Bne Akiva van België (1968-1974).

Addressing Antwerp's  Yom Haatzmauth Rally  (1970).


· Israel en de U.S.S.R.: 20 jaar diplomatieke betrekkingen. l947-I967, Leuven l974, 555 p.
· Aspect of Jewish Law: A Compilation, Jeruzalem 1984, 613 p.
· Elige Vïtam: de "Lex Regni lex est", de fraude vectigalis et de fraude portorii et de legibus nonnullis iuris litis Rabbi. Antwerpen 1988, 175 p.
· Chaim Lerosh, Antwerpen 1988, 35 p. (Eerste druk)
· Kol Hakatuv L’Chaim. A Memorial Volume in Memory of Rabbi Chaim TOBIAS, Dean of Yeshivat ‘Keter Torah’ Radomsk in Chrzanow (Poland), dedicated to the subjects of Love of Jewry and the Sanctification of the Holy name in Jewish Law. Jerusalem-Antwerp, Ariel - United Israel Institute, 1984, 513 p.
· Iturei Chaim Le David, Antwerpen, 1992, 126 p.
· Shlomo Ben Bno, Antwerpen, 1993, 64 p.
· Het Elfde Gebod. Dissertaties over de tolerantie, Antwerpen, 1995, 42 p.
· Chaim Ohev, Jerusalem, 1998, 90 p.
· Zekan Gershon, Antwerpen, 1998, 141 p.

* Inleiding tot het Joods Recht - Deel I, Antwerp, 2005
* Inleiding tot het Joods Recht - Deel II: Methodologie van het Joods Recht, Antwerp, 2005 

A self-taught expert in Homeopathy and. Alternative Medicine is writing an encyclopedic work ( Dutch and English versions) describing about 2'00 medically  well-founded cancer therapies used in various part of the world.
Writes regular periodical columns on Consumer Affairs and Sociology in the Belgisch Israelitisch  Weekblad .
Articles on Jewish Law:

H. Rosenberg, Talmud, leesbril voor de Bijbel en katalysator van de Joodse Wet (Academische Rede, 2001 - Lezing voor de Genootschap voor de  Joodse Wetenschap in Nederland, 9 juni 2002), in Acta Comparanda, XIII, 2002, p. 5-21.

H. Rosenberg, Judeo-islamietische beschaving versus westerse lekencivilisatie, in Acta Comparanda, Vol. XVII, 2006, p. 125-136,  in Forum[1]  nummer 163, p. 2-9 (in English in Forum  nummer 176, p. 2-11).

H. Rosenberg, Pleidooi voor de Sadduceeërs, in Forum  nummer 186, p. 8-18.

H. Rosenberg, Hoezeer joodse wet met de tijd verandert, in Forum  nummer 128, p. 4-7

H. Rosenberg, Rouwen om de Tempels in Jeruzalem en hunkeren naar de bouw van de Derde Tempel (Deel I), in Forum  nummer 131, p. 4-7

H. Rosenberg, Rouwen om de Tempels in Jeruzalem en hunkeren naar de bouw van de Derde Tempel (Deel II), in Forum nummer 148, p. 2-6

H. Rosenberg,  Kennismaking met de dynastie der Hasmoneeërs-Maccabeeërs, in Forum  nummer 149, p. 4-10

H. Rosenberg, Van standrechtelijke executie in de Bijbel tot procesregels in de Talmud, in Forum  nummer 158, p. 2-11

H. Rosenberg, Slechts drie Tempels in Jeruzalem?, in Forum  nummers 160-1, p. 3-10

H. Rosenberg, Joden en Moderniteit, in Branding, N.S.V., December 2005, in Forum  nr. 150, p. 2-9

H. Rosenberg, Rouwwetten voor verwoesting Tempels: waarom, waarvoor en hoe?, in Forum  nummer 180, p. 2-5.

H. Rosenberg, Een nieuw theologisch discours voor gekwelde geesten , in Forum  nummers 151, p. 4-9 en 159, p. 4-6.

H. Rosenberg, Palestina: een erfenisgeschil, in Acta Comparanda, Vol. XII, 2001, p. 64-75.

H. Rosenberg, Toenadering van de Kerk tot de Joden, in Acta Comparanda, Vol. XVI, 2005, p. 51-68.

H. Rosenberg, Pleidooi voor een relatieve waarheidsopvatting, in Speling – Tijdschrift voor bezinning,  2007, I, p. 61-67.

H. Rosenberg, Een nieuw theologisch discours (of een nieuwe Maïmonidiaanse ‘Gids der Verdwaalden’) in een tijdperk van oerknal- en kwantumrealiteit, in Acta Comparanda, Vol. XVIII, 2007, p. 69-134.

[1] De volledige collectie van 195 nummers van het Forum  tijdschrift ligt ter inzage op de Antwerpse stadsbibliotheek: Referentie: c:lvd:6614568. Website:


Motto: Inicivm sapientiae timor Domini.

Who's Who:

Who's Who in Flanders I985-1989, Second Edition,
Who’s Who in Europe, 1987, Seventh Edition,
Who's Who in the World, 1988, Ninth Edition,
The International Who's Who of Intellectuals, Ninth Edition.
The International Directory of Distinguished Leadership, Third Edition.

Awards and Honours:

Men of Achievement, Fourtheenth Edition 1988,
International Leaders in Achievement, Second Edition 1989,
The International Book of Honour, Third World Edition 1990,
Man of the Year, 1990.
International Register of Profiles. Tenth Edition 1990,
Nominee for World Biographical Hall of Fame, Volume Three. 1991.
5.000 Personalities of the World, Third Edition.
The Biographical Roll of Honour, 1989.
Annual Fellowship of the International Biographical Association
Member of the World Institute of Achievement, 1990.

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