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Welcome to my site.  Let me introduce myself in a nutshell: I am a  well-experienced
lawyer, member of the Antwerp Bar Association since 1985, and I am also licensed as a Rabbinical Barrister since 1985 and I lecture as a Professor of Rabbinical Law at the Faculty of Comparative Religions in Antwerp and as a Professor of Jewish Studies at the Faculty of Religious Sciences at Radboud University in Nijmegen (NL). I have since specialized in many fields (see my c.v.): Intellectual Property Law (Patents, Trade Marks, Copyright, etc.), International Banking and Finance, European Law, Port and Maritime Law, American Law, Jewish Law and Rabbinical Law. 

My general background includes social and political expertise, as well as philosophical and I am fluent in Dutch and Hebrew, my two scientific languages in which I publish. I am also fluent in French, English, German, Yiddish, Polish and  Italian. I am also an authorized Mediator in Debts Affairs (Schuldbemiddelaar).

My Firm has mainly been engaged in cases of commercial, fiscal and civil matters, amongst which some causes célèbres.  Over the years I have  successfully combined being a passionate litigator with being  a business lawyer as well. The fact that I had previously been involved in the  trade of pharmaceuticals and chemicals and  a diamond dealer  myself,  helped me in my business-like and money-minded  (and thus efficient) approach of   commercial litigation: (1) I  try to force a settlement on the opponents  in the very beginning of the case by (2)obtaining  Court-ordered attachements or any other Temporary Restraining Orders  to make sure that a good judgement on paper will also result   in  a good money-generating solution for my client. This mercantilic approach very often shortens a long legal battle to the benefit of my clients.

Above all, on the philosophical and metaphysical level, I believe in my motto: ad iustitiam redibit iudicium (Psalmi 94, 15).

Let me just add, that I joined the advocacy out of a genuine passion and that I had the outstanding privilege to exit Law School cum maxima laude and therefore to be eligible for a stage (apprenticeship) with one of the most outstanding lawyers, star-lawyer Dr. Paul Speyer.

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De Antwerpse Balie in 1939.

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New York:

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Jerusalem: 31 Rambam Street, Jerusalem 9242. 
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A special welcome to American visitors to our web site. 

          If you are visiting this site because you have a legal problem with a European  connection, we can probably assist you. 

           As indicated on the various pages of our site, we provide a broad range of litigation, mediation and
arbitration services. 

          We provide comprehensive services in the following areas commencing with sound advice, imaginative strategy, effective pleadings and advocacy, proceeding from a thorough knowledge of the procedure
and the law. Before taking cases to trial, we recommend and use such ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) remedies as are appropriate to the case. 

Litigation Services We Provide

                Services for Business and Personal Clients 

                Enforcement of Foreign Judgments 

                Debt Collection 

                Bank, Financing and Receivership Disputes 

                Corporate and Shareholder Litigation 

                Partnership Disputes 

                Limited Partnerships Disputes 

                Breakdown of Professional Practices 

                Wrongful Dismissal Cases 

                Commercial Lease Disputes 

                Franchise Disputes 

                Breach of Fiduciary Duty Claims 

                Non-Competition Agreement Dispute 

                Urgent and Summary Procedures 

                Vendor & Purchaser Motion 

                Business Torts 

                Fraud and Misrepresentation Claims 

                Libel, Slander, Defamation 

                Insurance Casualty Claims: Fire,Catastrophe 

                Professional Negligence Litigation 

                Litigation Affecting Property 

                Real Estate and Mortgage Disputes 

                Condominium Disputes 

                Limited Partnership Disputes 

                Joint Venture Disputes 

                Construction Litigation 

                Matrimonial Property Disputes 

                Personal Injury Cases 

                Medical Malpractice 

                Wrongful Dismissal Cases 

                Disputed Will Cases 

                Estate Litigation 

                Estate Administration 

                Mental Incompetency Litigation 

                Human Rights Cases 

                European Convention on Human Rights 

       Mediation & Arbitration Services 

                As arbitrator, mediator, third-party neutral 

                Non-Binding Mediation 




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